Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blowing the whistle: But, Emperor Evolutionary Materialist Scientism (by being self-falsifying) is parading around naked . . .

1] Truth does not exist (Is that a true statement?)

2] Nothing is absolute (Is that absolutely true?)

3] I do not exist (You must exist to deny that you exist)

4] Science is the only way to know (Can you scientifically prove that?)

5] Only what can be perceived by the five senses exists (Can you prove that by the five senses?)

6] Nobody can know anything for sure (Do you know that for sure?)

7] Nobody can know anything about God (How do you know that?)

8] Talk about God is meaningless (Since it is a statement about God, this statement is meaningless too)

9] Reality is just your interpretation, objective reality does not exist (That’s just your interpretation)

10] “‘Everything we think and do is the function of our genes/nervous system’”: Is this belief itself just the result of genetic/neutral activity? If so, why trust it — or any belief we have? If your belief happens to be right, it’s just by accident” [2]

11] There are no beliefs (You expect me to believe that?) [3]

12] Everything is meaningless (So is that statement)